Ultimate Anti-Rust Lifetime Guarantee

Naleon Ultimate Suction products are manufactured from high grade stainless steel. The superior quality of the range is back with an ‘Anti-Rust Lifetime Guarantee’ which sets the Ultimate range apart from other products in the market.

What does the Anti-Rust Lifetime Guarantee cover?

The Naleon Anti-Rust Lifetime Guarantee covers the products against rusting. Rusting eats into metal which is sometimes mistaken for oxidation. Oxidisation is a reddish- or yellowish-brown coating that can be easily removed by cleaning the surface with soapy water and a cloth. Households that have hard or bore water are more likely to experience oxidisation.

This guarantee applies when the product is used for the purpose intended and not against everyday wear and tear, modifications and alterations, accidental damage or improper, use and care. The determination of whether a product will be replaced under this guarantee will be on a case-by-case basis and at the sole discretion of Naleon.


How to make a claim under this guarantee?

To make a claim under this guarantee, please contact or visit the stockist where you have purchased the product with your proof of purchase. They will assess the product for you, following the outlined terms and conditions of the Anti-Rust Lifetime Guarantee.